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Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild

Last Saturday, I had planned to meet Jodi for a day of thrifting. Sadly, we weren't able to meet up. Instead of moping around because I didn't get to see her, I took the advice of a Twitter friend, Rebecca and visited the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild.

The Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild (SMQG) meets once a month. Every other meeting is at Sew Fun Fabrics in Folsom. The other months they are a "travelling" group. I learned that quilters are often travellers and will drive great distances to find good quilt shops!

Upon Rebecca's request, I live-tweeted the meeting. I have never tweeted anything live before and I gained a HUGE respect for anyone that can do so. People talk a lot faster than I can compose a tweet!

The SMQG is led by Jenniffier and they are in the process of becoming a more formal group. The meeting was a lot of fun. My personal favorite part was the show and tell. During this part of the meeting, each lady got to show what they had been working on. I was in awe and shock, truthfully, when I saw all of the projects the members had created. Their creations are amazing.

Jenniffier showed her embroidery 101 blocks and of course I loved the block with the pennant!

The SMQG is working on a Bubble Quilt and Debbie showed her block. She had a few other projects that were incredible. I loved one she's making for "herself" (secret present for a friend) and it's a music-themed quilt. 


Spider quilt by Nancy. This was actually her "smaller" quilt. I just sat there thinking, smaller?? This is humongous. 

Golden threads, the quilter's ruler, you sew over the paper and then take it off. It's great for quilting a pattern on your fabric.

Coffee inspired quilt by Nancy. I really liked the colors of this quilt.

I showed my bicycle blanket. The ladies were so encouraging and gave me great ideas on how to quilt the top. I'm hoping to take a Free Motion Quilting class from Melody who teaches at Sew Katie Jean. (If you look closely, you'll see Iron Man lego on the arm rest. It's my hubster's)

My favorite thing about Modern Quilting: you don't have to sew straight lines! I really enjoyed the SMQG and hope that I'll be able to make more of their meetings.

What adventures have you been up to lately?

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Reader Comments (5)

How fun is that? It's fun to see into another little "world," isn't it? I think I would be horrible at quilting (not enough patience), but my friend Emily has made a few quilts...she's very precise and they are BEAUTIFUL. She made our firstborn a lovely multicolored quilt that we treasure.

Oh my gosh, what a fun thing!! I have always been secretly envious of those who can quilt. I'd love to learn. P.S. It was SUCH a bummer we couldn't meet up. boo!!

May 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjodi

Great review of our meeting. Would you like to guest post this on the SMGQ blog? If so, and if you are already a member you can just write the post under the blog part and let me know and I will approve it. You can have a link over to your blog if you want. Thanks for coming to our meeting hope to see you soon.

May 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJenniffier

I would love to guest post it on the Sac Modern Quilt page! Thanks, Jenniffier

May 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterMalisa Price

Super creative ladies!! One of my former VBS students, who just finished her jr year in high school, recently finished a really cool looking quilt. She is actually up in your area, in Elk Grove. I'll have ask her about her quilt.

May 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoyce

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